It is recommended to read this introduction before joining the session.

When one is living in thoughts, one is inevitably confused about life and existence, because thoughts prevent the discovery of the truth which lies in neurons, but never in thoughts. To find out truth, one has to walk out of thoughts, the self, the ego, to observe the mind without a direction or a center. Only in that observance can one grasp how neurons work and find out truth about life for oneself. And this is the journey of meditation, which is a complicated business and requires a subtle and peaceful mind. and to have such a mind is already part of meditation.

Unlike other so-called spiritual activities, full of tricks, self-centered stuff, soothing the ego, and all the rest of it, this event is to explore the mind seriously and carefully together with you to understand the nature of mind, and get the clarity, which is the key to all life challenges. It is not merely for the well-being, which is rather egocentric, but for the clarity, the by-product of which, though, is a peaceful and joyful life.


➊ Simple English to explain the truth for clarity

➋ Guided meditation

➌ Join the session from anywhere

➍ Stereo sound experience♫, feeling like face-to-face

➎ Donation based, no string attached

What is the Zoom session like?

  1. The speaker guides the audience to meditate and explore the truth of the mind together.

  2. Attendees don’t need to speak or even turn on the webcam, if they are very shy. Feel free and at home.

  3. What attendees really need to do (extremely important) is just listen attentive, not listen to their own thoughts (which is actually not listening at all but being hijacked by words), but listen attentively to the speaker while going beyond the verbal statements and emptying and examining the mind. It is to understand what the speaker is really talking about. The whole process of doing so is meditation.

In general, who is this session for?

  1. Anyone who is eager to live a simple and beautiful life in a diligent way.

  2. Anyone who is righteous by nature and sensitive to the disorder in the world and would like to thoroughly understand the mind for clarity.

  3. Anyone who is humble, open and willing to listen; and would like to inquire independently.

  4. Anyone who would like go beyond the superficiality to understand the world deeply.

Note: about asking questions

  1. The session does not encourage asking questions randomly or impulsively, if the mind wants to ask, the mind stops listening automatically; however, listening attentively is the key to attend this session to get the message.

  2. If there is some question to ask anyway, it is recommended to present the question in words in a concise way, and put it in the chat box and please don't expect the speaker to answer the question

The content of the session is deeply connected with the essence of Zen/Chan 禅, Taoism and Jiddu Krishnamurti.

Duration: 1 hour

Fees: free. Donation is welcome, via