What does clarity mean?

Clarity means no confusion about the life and existence. Most people are confused, because of the self-centered activities. The self is the root of all mental disorders. These mental disorders exist as all kinds of human issues from the individual mental challenge, like anxiety, fear, aggression, loneliness, irritation to the societal issues like violence, conflicts and pollution. This self-centered lifestyle is a battlefield.

To get this clarity is the way to solve all of these issues in one go; if the issue is solved one by one, as many people are imagining and doing, the issues cannot be clearly, the new issues keeps pop up, because the root is still there. It is important to see this fact directly.

To get this clarity is to understand the mind totally, not fragmented by thoughts. Fragmented thinking, exemplified by expertise and specialization, cannot bring clarity, but adds more confusion and contradiction; clarity only comes when there is a total understanding by direct perception, which means an objective investigation of the mind, and this is the journey of meditation.

Where there is clarity, there are no issues, and one can live peacefully, joyfully, sanely, compassionately through the chaos of the world.

The live session is for anyone who wants to live with clarity.

Keywords that points to the essence of the session

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Why live sessions?

There is no authority for one to follow, any authority only blocks one from understanding oneself. Live sessions highlight the true human communication, where the speaker is leading the participants to investigate the mind independently, including guided meditation and explanation. The atmosphere created by the live session is irreplaceable.

The whole session is a meditation, which needs every participant's attention and careful exploration. The very understanding of the self is the essence of meditation, which brings inner peace and clarity.

In the session, what participants need to do is to pay attention to what the speaker is talking about, that is, to go beyond words to understand the meaning and notice the reaction to words so as to not get stuck in words. This whole process is true meditation.

What is the live session like?

The schedule of each session is very flexible, but usually includes things as follows:

  1. (Guided) meditation to quieten the mind. (Free audio guides to use)

  2. A scientific and philosophical investigation of the nature of mind with diverse topics: the attendees only need to listen attentively without getting caught up in words, while examining their own mind to make sense of what the speaker says..

  3. Q&A if time permits and when it is really necessary. (Please check out

  4. It is in simple English, no specialized terms, purely in a secular context.


Topics are very diverse. The purpose is to bring the clarity back via dealing with each topic. A few exemplary topic ranges are as follows

  1. Understand the danger of the egocentric society and life, selfishness, exclusion, intimidation.

  2. Understand the irritation, depression, stress, aggression, anxiety, fear.

  3. Understand loneliness, insecurity and all kinds of self-indulgent issues and mental challenges.

  4. How to live a simple life free from illusions, fear?

  5. What is the true meaning of meditation?

  6. The structure of thoughts and human consciousness.

  7. Understand the egocentric behaviours and the havoc they created on the well-being.

  8. Look into the inappropriate behaviors and dehumanization.

  9. Many many more.

Why is it free and donation based?

  1. It is not a product or service to sell, because trade implies exchange; the concept of exchange and serving is deeply based on the self, the ego, which only lead to more separation, speculation and exploitation; Mindiverse is not to make oneself happy, but to bring the clarity to one, though the byproduct of clarity is joy.

  2. The session is to help everyone independently look at the mind and get the clarity in the purest form. With this clarity, people can solve their own issues and lead a peaceful, compassionate and joyful life, which will enlighten others in one way or another; this would lead to the real change of the society for the better.

  3. The session (also the foundation) is open to donations, because the foundation needs to be sustainable to continue this to benefit more people. We hope this can thrive on people's goodness, based on the true human relationship: there is no exchange, but good will and compassion to bring clarity to more people.