Each live session is open to donations to keep the foundation sustainable. Currently, you could donate for each session in one of the following ways.


Donate via PayPal, no fees.

Bank transfer

BE43 9672 3466 5901 Foundation Mindiverse, Stichting

More ways of donation are coming with Mindiverse Foundation.

Share this live session with more people

To bring clarity to more people (many people have all kinds of wanting, but they are not aware that they need clarity), anyone is welcome to help spread this live session. One can share in different ways or the way one wants.

  1. Share this website with more people.

  2. Share this flyer as pictures with more people: two pictures on the right (front and back)

  3. Print the flyer and share the paper flyer. (A5 size, single sized or double sized). (PDF file)