Ask questions

Questions are asked to yourself, not to some else. Proper questions can guide one to explore the mind further in the right direction.

The answer lies in the question

Asking questions is a tricky business; questions are put forwards in words, which can be misleading, if not careful. Who does one ask questions to? If the question is asked to someone else, then the answer depends on someone else, then the asker cannot explore it independently, and the inner investigation comes to a stop due to this reliance, therefore it is essential to make clear that the question is asked to oneself, one investigates the mind to find the answer, and someone else can join you to explore this, like the speaker of the session. To some extent, to mediate is to ask oneself proper questions to lead one to come upon the truth of mind, if the question is asked wrongly, it may lead one astray.

A proper question is about the mind, and the answer is also about the mind, the very answer lies in the question. This truth of mind is completely different from the outward world, where questions and answers are divided and separate.

Email your question to Mindiverse

If you have questions to ask to yourself and would like to invite the speaker of the session to explore this question or topic, please email it to Mindiverse, the speaker may include it as part of a topic in the future sessions, or reply to you, or nothing happens, but please don't have any expectation that the speaker will answer it, that very expectation disturbs the mind.

There could be some sessions dedicated to Q&A, which is still being planned, fo now, it is recommended to email the question, in that way, one can refine the language and think carefully about the question without being affected by the reactions during the live sessions, and in many situations, the question has been well understood by this careful examination and is no longer a question. Try to keep it concise. The very way of doing all of these is already part of meditation.