Live Meditation for clarity

Join in this live session to meditate, to investigate the mind objectively, to understand yourself thoroughly. Where there is clarity, there are no issues. Unquestionably, Only clarity leads to a peaceful, compassionate, meaningful and joyful life, without fear or illusion. Each live session is free and open to donations.

Why does one do meditation?

Inner peace

Clear all the mental challenges like anxiety, depression, irritation, loneliness and so on to have a peaceful mind.


Deal with the daily life and work without stress and feel free and relaxed in any challenging situation


A joyful, compassionate and harmonious life without fear or illusion, with full awareness and wisdom.


No longer self-conscious, deal with the real world full of egos and vanities with composure, wisdom and clarity.

All these purposes are actually one, that's to observe the self thoroughly, understand the structure of thoughts deeply via meditation; in that objective observation, one gets clarity, which is the key to all issues and challenges.

In this live session, you will do

Guided meditation

to empty the consciousness, the self, the ego to reconnect with this moment, to quieten the mind deeply.

Investigation of mind

to understand how to mind works, not through imagination, but direct perception when thoughts are not distorting.

These two parts are never separate, they are both part of meditation. What is more important is to incorporate meditation to one's life.